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I'm just a 28 year old woman that married the man of my answered prayers on July 18, 2009. We have our sweet Ella that was born in September of 2010 and our precious Charlotte that was born in February of 2012! On March 24, 2013, our first son was born, Josiah Warner. After a complicated pregnancy, he was born very prematurely and lived less than an hour before going to be with Jesus. Through life's ups and downs, I'm trying to figure out how to follow Jesus. I mean, really follow Jesus. The kind of following where things start to change. It's time to put action to the passion

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Yes, it's true! We are moving to Springdale, Arkansas! John has accepted a position with Cross Church as their lead video guy :-) We are very excited for this new adventure that the Lord has asked of us.

And, as excited as we are, there are moments where I wonder if I'll really be able to move away from the home we've been in for over three years. I've been pregnant with all three of our children here. The same doctor delivered all three of our kids. We dedicated our girls here at Dogwood Church. We celebrated Warner's short life here at Dogwood. I've wrestled things out with the Lord sitting in the chairs of our church more Sunday's than I can count.

We've been blessed to walk alongside many beautiful people here for the last three years. And, we can say that our Senior Pastor is one of our friends, which can't be said of many working in ministry around the country. But, we are and we love them.

The Lord has been tender with my aching heart over Warner and the process of moving so quickly after his death. I've been unbelievably humbled at the tangible gifts God has given me through each step of this process. I can assuredly say I would not move away right now unless the Lord was clearly leading and confirming. And, He's teaching me that in the good, the bad, and the hard, it's better to follow His leading than to do anything else in the whole wide world.

God is releasing our family from Peachtree City and He is setting up our new ministry in Northwest Arkansas. So many times in this process I've wanted to say how hard ministry is during a transition like this but it's also so worth it. But, I'm beginning to realize that as followers of Christ, He will call all of us to the hard to glorify the risen Son of God. We each have something He will call us to do for Him. Maybe it's picking up and moving. Maybe it's changing jobs. Maybe it's finally cultivating an intentional relationship with our neighbor to share Jesus. Maybe it's to make a stand for what we know is Truth. A life that truly follows Christ is one that is in complete surrender, whether you work in ministry or not.

So, here we are...expectant for what God is going to do in Arkansas and looking back on our time in Georgia to see all He has done in three years. A part of our heart will always be here and we covet your prayer as we continue to serve our great God in a new state with a great new church!